SoulFamily Global Outreach (previously SoulSister Global Outreach), is dedicated to serving the families in our community. This aspect of SoulFamily not only allows sisters of SoulSister to reach women in the community through SoulSister Diaper Drives, but through SoulFamily Global Outreach families can serve together and we can reach children and families across the U.S.A!



SoulFamily Feed the Family & Fun is a community project where families (single or married) can come together and enjoy a fun time in fellowship with others.


SoulFamily Global Outreach currently holds SoulSister Diaper Drives in Georgia, Texas, California, Ohio, & Kentucky, where moms, dads, & families have the opportunity to drive through and receive diapers & wipes free of charge. We also giveaway gently used baby clothes.


SoulSister: Sisters Supporting Sisters is collecting donations to support Mothers and Families. Stemmed from an emergency response to the unprecedented events caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic, SoulSister™ is supporting mothers and families who are in need of support with the SoulSister ‘Mothers & Family Support Project, where we have currently blessed moms and families in Georgia, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, and California. Whether you donate funds or your volunteer time, you are becoming an even bigger part in helping your community in these apprehensive & uncertain times.

 We are asking that you join us and donate today and be a helping hand in the community as we support familes.

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SoulFamily Acts 2: Love Holiday Project  


 Acts2:Love comes from Acts 2:44 - 45 “Now all who believed were together, and had all things in common, and sold their possessions and goods, and divided them among all, as anyone had need.”


The mission of Acts2:Love is to display the type of love and support they had in Acts 2:44 - 45 to children and families who have children with special needs. These needs include but are not limited to premature birth, autism, birth defects, learning disabilities, hyperactivity or attention deficit, physical disabilities, or neurological conditions. Acts2:Love is a community support system of SoulSister that meets a financial need of a child and their families such as therapy bills, groceries, special needs supplies, children’s medical bills, Mom and Dad getaways, and more. Raising a special needs child requires special support and we want to be a special support to those single parents or families who have found themselves in hard times. Please donate to this cause so that we can display Acts2: Love.