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SoulSister: Sisters Supporting Sisters

SoulFamily ‘s SoulSister: Sisters Supporting Sisters is a national program under SoulFamily Center, Inc. a 501c3 faith based nonprofit. ​


SoulSister: Sisters Supporting Sisters exists to support and uplift the soul of our sisters through impactful young girls, women, and family ministry support groups.


We also organize community outreach for women and their families currently located in Georgia, Texas, Ohio, Kentucky, and California. 

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The WHY of

Pastor Tia is the founder of SoulSister: Sisters Supporting Sisters. TiaMarie has experienced homelessness, poverty, and life struggles. She was raised by her grandmother and a strong single mother because her father suffered from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. This caused trauma in the family and because of her journey and experiences, she is committed to seeing women and families restored, on their feet, and healed in their spirits and souls.


For many years she carried hurt, bitterness, and offense in her soul because of life challenges.  One day God laid a thought on her heart; “Start being who I have called you to be and you will find your fulfillment”. So TiaMare founded SoulSister: Sisters Supporting Sisters with these declarations as the foundation.  Matthew 12:7 “Always do for other people everything you want them to do for you" and Philippians 2:4 "Don’t be concerned only about your own interests but also be concerned about the interests of others."  This is the WHY of SoulSister. We become what we always wanted, and we will have a great reward. To learn more about TiaMarie Arnold click here.


SoulSister: Sisters Supporting Sisters, exists to support and uplift sisters who desire or are committed to renewing their souls in Christ by the word of God. SoulSister exists to be a vessel for God to display His love through us and cultivate soul healing, self-love, and Godly confidence to young girls, women, and families. Our mission is to encourage hope and bring spiritual-awareness to what’s taking place in the mind, will, and emotions. We strive to cultivate and facilitate a culture of restoration and rehabilitation to the soul of women who have faced extremely hard challenges in self-esteem, identity, and life as a whole. We are a non-judgmental, strong, and spirit-filled support group of supportive sisters. We also aim to provide essential needs during our sisters healing and growth process. We want to see young girls, women, and their families restored, having peace and security in their souls and in their homes. We live life with the 3s in mind; Encourage, Embrace and, Emerge.



verb: A SoulSister uses the power of her words to push her sister forward and upward.

We thrive on community and ENCOURAGE our sisters to keep going and to receive healing by renewing their souls. We encourage mental, physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, and relational support for women, and in order to do that, we must create community. SoulSister Gatherings is that community of support.



verb: A SoulSister accepts and surrounds her sisters who are in need during hard times.

The goal of SoulSister is to break the culture of isolation and silent suffering amongst women and young ladies and to EMBRACE our sisters in their journey. Our goal monthly is to create an atmosphere of healing, courage, and freedom.



verb: A SoulSister rises up. We value allowing women to EMERGE from their bondage and brokenness and share their testimony. We believe that you overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of your testimony. As women share we take value in not looking at our sisters in judgment, envy, jealousy, or cynicism. 


SoulSister Gatherings are Women Ministry Groups. At SoulFamily, we strategize with our Sister’s hearts in mind. We hold monthly online or in-person gatherings consistently with a new biblical discussion each month. Holding these gatherings consistently allows for our women to develop a true sisterhood and community of support. During these candid meetings, our ladies feel free to open and share laughter, tears, pain, and ultimately unite together to overcome some of the hardships life brings. These gatherings present an opportunity for women of diverse economical background to lend a helping hand to each other in a time of need.



Just email the Lead Sisters for dates, times, and location


SoulSister Georgia (Metro Atlanta)

LeadSister Tonia Lindley

SoulSister Texas (Metro Houston)

LeadSister Aaronda Ivery

SoulSister Ohio/Ky(Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky)

LeadSister Janet Duncan

SoulSister California(Bay Area)

LeadSister Paula Taylor

SoulSister Friendtorship (Cincinnati Area)

LeadSister LaGina Burton






Tonia Lindley is a core sister of SoulSister: Sisters Supporting Sisters, Inc. She serves as the East Coast Regional Lead Sisters and a Leading Sister for SoulSister Georgia.  



Aaronda Ivery is a core sister of SoulSister: Sisters Supporting Sisters, Inc. She serves as the Donations Coordinator, Southern Regional Lead Sisters and a Leading Sister for SoulSister Texas. 




Paula Taylor

Paula Taylor is a core sister of SoulSister: Sisters Supporting Sisters, Inc. She serves as the Executive Director, West Coast Regional Lead Sisters and a Leading Sister for SoulSister California.  


Janet Duncan

Janet Duncan is a Leading Sister of SoulSister: Sisters Supporting Sisters, Inc. She serves as the Leading Sister for SoulSister Ohio & Northern Kentucky




LaGina Burton is a core sister of SoulSister: Sisters Supporting Sisters, Inc. She serves as the Northern Regional Lead Sisters and a Leading Sister for SoulSister Friendtorship Gatherings.